We are a growing school and always looking for qualified teachers who are not wanting to teach in the traditional way.
If you believe that children are people, not empty vessels waiting to be filled with our superior knowledge, then The Daniel Academy is looking for someone like you.


1. Read “For the Children’s Sake” by Susan Schaeffer
2. Watch all 8-10 minute videos about Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy on
3. Read “Perfect Health” by Mary-Ann Shearer (available on
4. Write a 1 page summary detailing your understanding of the principles discussed in the above resources (see points 1-3)
5. Send us your CV with references.

Once we received the above, we can then schedule to meet with you and discuss teaching opportunities at our school, should you be happy with our requirements.  

We will then invite you to observe classes for a month at our school and at the end of the month, we will meet with you. If we are all in agreement that this is where you would like to teach, we can discuss which teaching position will be best suited for you at our school.

Our Teaching Opportunity:

Requirements and Procedures