1. To provide a curriculum that inspires a love of learning for life

  2. To inspire good stewardship by caring for their body, their relationships and the world we live in and all we have all been given.

  3. To support parents in building Godly Character in their children – which will make the world a better place for life.


Our mission, to quote Charlotte Mason originator of our curriculum, is to "provide a ‘living education’, where each child is guided and empowered to author a full and free life, a life rich in relationship to God, self, others, ideas, and all of creation. Thus, our primary concern is the kind of student each child is becoming, not the mastery of particular data or technique, for we are confident that the student who masters the art of learning will attain his or her full potential for mastering data and technique. Students who master the art of relating well to God, self, others, ideas, and creation will attain the fullness of life for which they were created"

We believe that – that every child should have access to learn in an environment that is safe..

  • Safe from harmful food substances

  • Safe from bullying

  • Safe from judgement and shaming

  • Safe from fundamental extremism (political, ideological, religious, philosophical or nutritional)

  • Safe from manipulation, abuse and control

  • Safe to develop true Godly character

  • Safe to grow in accountability and responsibility

  • Safe to not be compared to others for the sake of finding or naming the best

  • Safe to grow and love and learn about things that matter like music and maths, art and architecture, poetry and permaculture, nature and nutrition, history and heaven, creatures and creation, geography and Genghis Khan, biology and the Bible, life skills and love, exercise and entrepreneurship,

  • Safe to move and get physically healthy and strong without being judged for your body type.

In other words;

  • Safe to be their best selves!



To this end we use the


Ambleside Schools International Curriculum in our primary school  and the same principles with an online program for high school, culminating in an internationally recognised qualification the General Education Diploma or GED

A Nutritional Program based on the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (www.pcrm.org)

Character building based on Biblical and family values




Our Vision

Our Values