The Daniel Academy – School for Sustainable Living & Leadership

The Daniel Academy is founded on Judeo-Christian principles and affiliated to Ambleside Schools International based on Charlotte Mason’s principles.

Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer have 30 years of experience in the sustainable living and hospitality and natural health industries and they have developed a school program that incorporates the Ambleside curriculum, that will prepare children for a changing world.

All meals and snacks will be prepared by the children at school. There will therefore be no need for parents to pack schools snacks and meals. The children will be learning how to grow and prepare healthy natural foods from pre-school level. They will also be responsible for cleaning their own space.

We also require that to aid their children’s growth, development and behaviour that the family commits to a diet at home that is free of refined and processed foods especially refined and processed sugar. Parents are stewards of their children and should be providing a range of natural healthy foods at home. The diet provided at the Daniel Academy will be vegan and gluten free. This will be to aid all children with allergies and intolerances. We do not dictate what families eat in their homes, other than to encourage them to avoid refined and processed foods.

Students will be exposed to various sustainable businesses, farming methods and sustainable energy practices while learning how to read and write. By the end of each year, each child will have written and illustrated a book on their experiences that will appeal to their age group and at the same time be used to educate others on Godly, sustainable, healthy living practices.

The school teaches the students to be self-sufficient in food growing, preparation and life skills, so that they can attain and maintain superb health when they venture into the real world, be it business, marriage and/or raising children.

We believe the school will become a landmark in the tourism industry as people from all over the world come to see how young people are inspired to live a healthy sustainable life, while having a positive impact on the societies they live in.


We are affiliated with Ambleside Schools International www.amblesideschools.com

Ambleside Schools International in Leesburg, VA USA has developed an exceptional academic curriculum, based on Charlotte Mason’s philosophy, which is used by several schools all over the world, including here in South Africa in Hout Bay and Lansdowne (Western Cape) and in Kensington (Gauteng).